Are Large Coats For Dogs Necessary?

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large dog coat

large dog coat

People who don’t own dogs, and even some actual dog owners, sometimes laugh or snicker behind their back when they see other dogs wearing clothes. While there are regrettably some dog owners that force their four-legged friends to wear clothes that are tacky or pointless, not everyone who puts clothes on their pups are making their dogs fashion accessories. There are in fact cases where clothing on dogs makes sense, and large coats for dogs are often one of the smarter and more appropriate choices.

Just because dogs used to be wild animals does not mean that they are safe or survivable outdoors just on their own. Consider also that domesticated dogs have not only gotten accustomed to indoor environments and temperatures, but their coats are often kept at short or minimal lengths in order to look good and keep the home neat. So, anytime a dog is going to be playing or walking outdoors with family in cool or cold weather is a good time for the dog to wear a large coat. This can serve as a fur substitute that helps a dog stay warm and retain body heat. Dogs can’t really tell their humans if they’re getting cold, so best be ready.

Being able to let your dog outdoors in the winter is very advantageous. You get a chance to continue walking your pup in cold weather to keep your four-legged friend’s exercise and metabolism up, and probably even your own. Some dogs might also have difficulty using the bathroom outside if they are too cold. A lack of waste extraction and outdoor time both can mean behavioral issues indoors over time.

A large dog coat is also a chance for your dog to spend time outside playing with any kids in the family. Whether it is snow angels, a snowball war between two forts, or just enjoying the clear night skies by a fire, your dog is a member of the family and would feel left out if he has to stare longingly from the living room window. Some dogs even love frolicking in the snow, as playing fetch in the white stuff is an experience they don’t get every day. The scents and trails they can follow are also different than the rest of the year, so let him savor it.

A large coat on your dog can even save you a little money sometimes. If you are going to be leaving your home for a while, but leaving your dog behind, putting him in his coat might mean the chance to lower the heat some to reduce your utility costs. Of course you never want to turn it off completely, and it takes experimentation to find the right temperature where your dog is comfortable and safe, but there’s no point heating the whole home if only the dog is there. Some dogs even sleep more comfortably in their coats.

The next time you see a dog wearing clothes, don’t laugh. Large coats for dogs have a variety of practical purposes.

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