The Advantages Of Programmatic Ad Buying

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Mobile Ad Buying

Mobile Ad Buying

Media buying has become much smarter than it was a decade ago. The rapid evolution of the online environment very the past few years has generated new needs and ad consuming trends. Users of mobile devices have a totally different experience than desktop and laptop users. This makes the production of mobile ads really challenging. The solution is the programmatic ad buying offered by Liftoff, to name one of the best providers in this industry.

The technology used by Liftoff enables the generation of hundreds of personalized ads in real time. It can use the user data and the creative assets in a database to generate content for a previously defined ad template. The result is a dynamic ad. Users with different demographic profiles are going to see different versions of the ad. The customization can go down to the level of the individual user. This is why these ads are so well converting.

This programmatic ad buying can boost conversion rates, due to the fact that the ad creative and the core messages are automatically matched to the audience segment. In addition, as these ads are automatically generated, there’s no need for manual design which can imply hundreds or thousands of hours of work. The reduced design time is a huge advantage, as it can save you a lot of money. Why pay a designer to make thousands of variants of the same ad, when you can have a machine generate them almost instantly?

The other advantage of these ads is their built-in optimization. They are all machine-tested and optimized, so you won’t have to perform the good old A/B testing anymore. This can help you be even more effective in your online marketing campaigns. Moreover, these ads are already programmed to be responsive, so they are able to adapt to the device and OS they are displayed on. They work with almost all IAB standard formats such as banners, interstitials, carousel ads, playable ads, live preview ads and native ads.

These programmatic ads are the future of digital media buying, so the sooner you adopt them, the better. You can be among the first advertisers to benefit from such an effective system that can enable you to accelerate your growth in purchases, as well as the overall conversion rate of your campaigns. The performance of these dynamic ads is fantastic. They work very well right off the bat, as they feature built-in multivariate testing. This is the best way to entice website visitors to go through your sales funnel to the end, culminating with the action you want them to do after they finish reading your copy. When the ad copy matches the landing page and the demographic profile of the viewer, success is almost a certitude. Most people that click on these dynamic ads are going to make a purchase, once they land on your website. Should you be interested in more details about this innovative ad buying method, you are welcome to take a look at Liftoff’s official website.

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